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As the Associate Producer for our next great film, I am thrilled to announce that actress Deliliah Andre and the rest of our production team have launched our ambitious nation-wide campaign to fund a big-budget Action Western, called White Dove.

It will be an epic adventure during a time of wars, Chinese immigrants, Native resistance and great injustice when a young girl at the center of all will realize a great destiny that she’s inherited to bring peace to the land… or seek revenge for herself.



Please watch our video below and consider sharing or contributing to our campaign before it ends on Nov 29th. We have many perks for new fans and supporters! Contribute by going to:




A little Native finding his way in a big city. Follow me each week as I continue my hard-headed but “heart-full’ed!” journey in Los Angeles becoming a full time career actor in Hollywood! Fleshing out the stories of other actors, sharing my discoveries, resources and many hilarious, scary and heart-breaking moments.

What is it REALLY like to be an actor in LA? Let me show you every step of the way! Watch “The Actors Journey” every Monday after 9pm.




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My team is looking to collaborate with aspiring and talented animators to create animation demos for themselves using 35 of our professionally recorded, edited and scored voiceover tracks. With so many scenarios that make you’ll imaginative vision run wild: a soldier shooting through a zombie horde, demons emerging from the depths, anime-style transformations, sword fights between heroes and witches, etc. Let’s create something together!

If interested in this super cool opportunity CLICK HERE for more information and how to apply.

Follow me on social media as I steadily pursue my passion for Primitive Survival with respected author and teacher, Christopher Nyerges, founder of the School of Self Reliance; with whom I’m also gaining the knowledge and experience I’ll need in traps, weapons, shelter and more to accept an offer to audition for Naked and Afraid!

Sign up for classes with him and other survival experts at www.ChristopherNyerges.com

And click on any of the following icons to be taken to one of my accounts on social media! Accompany me as I reclaim the skills of my ancestors!

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In 2018, I will be writing about my entire experience with the movement born out of Standing Rock. It will chronicle a brutally honest, revealing and personal journey across the country from Los Angeles, to the front-lines and Two Spirit Nation at Oceti Sakowin, to Gaycation in DC, to my adoption by a Lakota family, Divest LA and beyond.

It will say just as much about the time we live in as it will about the United States today, the world of activism, the hardest questions facing all of us and indigenous identity in the twenty first century.

Follow me on social media for updates on this project that seeks to continue the work that began with the unity of hundreds of tribal nations. Mni Wiconi!

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The world is a huge place filled with rich cultures and people who all possess values, principles and world-views that are defined by their spiritual, religious or secular identities. Too many people to this day still don’t have a general idea of what major belief systems are out there.

So after years of research, I have been creating a very special book that attempts to do the impossible by condensing the basic concepts of nearly 30 religious/spiritual world-views down to one page each that could be read in one sitting! Each page objectively but poetically written as if the reader himself was a believer of that faith. What better way to bring the world together than with clarity and understanding?

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