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My new show the “The Actor’s Journey” will be premiering this July 16th on YouTube. A hauntingly intimate yet revealing, inspiring and often-times entertaining look into the stories of the millions of other “Hollywood actors” we never hear about through my own journey as one.

Join me, Courage, as I share my discoveries with everyone, speak with many radiant souls in the industry, give updates on my own progress and flesh out the stories of so many other actors in LA whose hearts and minds are set determined on reaching a dream as old and brutal as Hollywood itself.

I’m thrilled to announce that my new Voiceover Demo Reels are now ready for listening! My voiceover performances are divided into four tracks:

Cartoons, Video Games/Sci-Fi, Anime and Commercial/Narration.

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Follow me on Social Media as I steadily pursue my passion for Primitive Survival with respected author and teacher, Christopher Nyerges, founder of the School of Self Reliance; with whom I’m also gaining the knowledge and experience I need in traps, weapons, shelter and more to someday audition for Naked and Afraid!

Sign up for classes with him and other Survivalists in Los Angeles at:


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In 2018, I will be writing about my entire experience with the movement born out of Standing Rock. It will chronicle a brutally honest, revealing and personal journey across the country from Los Angeles, to the front-lines and Two Spirit Nation at Oceti Sakowin, to Gaycation in DC, to my adoption by a Lakota family, Divest LA and beyond.

It will say just as much about the time we live in as it will about the United States today, the world of activism, the hardest questions facing all of us and indigenous identity in the twenty first century.

Follow Courage the Actor for updates on this project that seeks to continue the work that began with the unity of hundreds of tribal nations. Mni Wiconi!

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Thank you to everyone who came to see our show Magic Fruit at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles: a story about a reality-shifting apocalyptic Los Angeles if poverty, hunger and drought reached all time highs.

Feel free to contact me regarding my role in the show and to read more about Cornerstone Theater and the work they do empowering communities click HERE.


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