Brand Ambassador

Since 2014, I’ve been partnering with brands and companies promoting their businesses, ideas and inventively engaging the public with their products, services and presence.

They have ranged from beloved companies like PBS, Sony, Nickelodeon or Dr. Suess to new companies and their own activations! Commercial enterprise is creative energy and enthusiasm is how I love to channel the entrepreneurial spirit of my clients. I’ve always had a personal passion for branding and marketing (can you tell by the site?) and exciting people about how you’d like to enrich their lives.

This work has allowed me to hop from one unpredictable mini-adventure to the next never knowing what skills I’ll need to employ; whether it’s my informed knowledge of the gaming industry, lending my talents in improv and voice-acting or embodying a character in a set piece.

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If you’ve found yourself here, I’d love to further discuss what you’re looking for and how I may lend my talents as an all-in-one marketing force or member of a team to help get your brand out there!

Feel free to contact me for any questions, offers or breakdowns. View a PDF of my resume below!

NOTE: The band across my forehead with feathers in the back is part of my culture, is “religious” in nature and part my identity as an indigenous individual descended from American Indian tribes. In very rare circumstances will I agree to remove it (to play a character or because it’s physical impossible to keep on.) Please be aware of this when selecting me to work with you and your teams!