The "Who You Know" Guy – LA's Best Networker

i help people find people!

You know the cliche… “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Quite honestly, it’s more true than ever. Truly, the two biggest things that have gotten me as far as I have are connections and information. Information is power, collaboration can create legit opportunities for everyone and a collection of contacts can pull you up like a route of small climbing holds up a climbing wall.

Especially for poor people/of color and marginalized (but talented!) people in highly competitive industries, the strength of their network is the best fighting chance they’ve got these days. That’s where my passion came from; I was astonished to see my network grow from a handful of people to thousands since moving to Los Angeles in 2014. Every time I knew “just the guy” someone was looking for and brought multiple worlds together, I would continually prove that I had a talent as a “match-maker” for professionals. I kept every card, never forgot a face and never ignored a tac board or table of information. Bringing people together is super rewarding.

“connected” doesn’t even begin to describe me. you’re only as strong as your network.

So if the first two paragraphs didn’t convince you, welcome to the third! Essentially, my final point is that I’ve been in love with diverse communities for as long as I can remember. I’m a proud jack of all trades (can you tell by the site?) and somedays it’s just a joy to realize how different one group of people are from those I was with the day before. This is a strength.

If you want someone who doesn’t just know the usual, suspects; actors, models, writers, directors.. I know audio engineers, cartoon voice actors, all-in-one music video/actors demo reel producers, adult BDSM entertainers, parkour/free-running athletes, Furry fur-suit designers, fight choreographers, American Indian regalia/jewlery-makers, professional crowd-funders, political activists, claymation animators, body suspension piecers, property managers renting apartments, kung-fu dojo masters, primitive outdoor survival teachers, etc. Trust me, I’ve been everywhere!

So where does my role come in for you? (Well first off, nice to meet you! What do you do? Do you have a card?!) Kidding. For past clients, I’ve primarily been working and helping clients in four capacities:

  • A scout/consultant to help find people for your project or team! (Granted, my contacts will always be limited in one way or another. I probably don’t know any heavily pierced dirt-bike racing nuns.)
  • A well versed coach of sorts that can help you get out of your shell and teach you how to network at events like a pro!
  • A “match-maker” who’ll recommend or find you groups, projects, places or even resources where you’d fit just right. This is actually something I do everyday just to stay sharp and build relationships, but if you’re looking for recommendations: I don’t just have a passion for remembering people, I never forget a place!
  • In a number of fields like voiceover, acting, martial arts and parkour, I’ve also become very good at advising people on the many paths they could take getting started in pursuing their passions for the first time. I know the people, the places and the groups. Most people, especially those who just moved to Los Angeles, don’t know where to start, but more than likely I will know many options to consider!

What are MY rates?

I’m a guy who believes in access and genuine connections before I believe in jumping into peoples’ pockets. Regardless, every job I take being a professional networker and referrer is drastically different. Some people are just looking for advice while others are looking to be matched with the kind of group, place, project or individual that fits their pursuits. Every one is very different.

Consultation is always free and given the nature of the service, online communication like email usually provides all the details I need on specific cases. Your details will also help me understand the type of referral you’re looking for and whether or not I’ll be able to provide a lot of information and sources you may find helpful. If I were to ball-park it, a job for a client can be anywhere from $10-$50? Just send me a message and we’ll talk from there! Talking is always free! JUST DON’T WASTE MY TIME! (Teasing!)

message me about who or what you’re searching for!