Thank you for your interest Animators! Now that my team and I have completed some amazing sounding Voiceover Demos, we can work towards something even bigger! We currently have 28+ professionally edited performances with music and effects that range from 10 seconds to 1+ minutes in full length.

We’re now seeking out talented animators from anywhere who’d like to collaborate with us and use the tracks we worked so hard on to create their own animation clips! Then as part of the agreement, both parties will have rights to use them in their portfolio for as long as the proper credit is given to the people involved.

This is obviously an invitation to COLLABORATE! So at the moment, we are currently not offering an opportunity for paid work but we really want to emphasize that we’re big believers of promoting the work of our partners wherever the animation reel will go. We want people to know how much we appreciate and believe in your talents.


Here is the full playlist. Contact us at the bottom if you’re interested in any of them! Please do not use any tracks prior to all the parties involved giving consent. Thank you!