Throughout my journey as a professional actor in Hollywood I’ve come to know so many talented and inspiring people that need their stories told and represent groups that also need representation and a chance in an industry that I’ve worked in for so long. These are their stories. Catch “The Actors Journey” on my Youtube channel and Facebook Page.

Interview with Mariana Rizo

Mariana is an actress who’s now lived in the United States for well over a decade. That long ago, she sought asylum in this country from a dangerous part of Mexico after coming out as transgender. Since then, she’s been making bold strides in the industry, with her sights set on reality TV. She someday wishes that her eventual success will allow her to see her family again someday in Mexico.

Interview with Marla Howard

Marla is an experienced theater actress I recently had the opportunity to perform with. What I later found out is that she has been a proud member of the infamous Skid Row community in Los Angeles for 18 years: a homeless encampment located in Downtown LA that’s home to 11,000 people looking out for each other. In this interview, she talks about misperceptions people have about Skid Row and important issues they face like police brutality.

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