DEMON (2019) – Mike J Marin

Strange occurrences, gruesome murders and a group of strangers appearing to investigate even more disturbing matters.. something hasn’t been right in one area of a major US city and the domino effect has finally impacted one man’s line of work in a big way. All stories are interconnected as is the universe of Mike J Marin’s horror stories that all started with The Smudging in 2016. Now a new revealing side story from the mind of the master about a homicide detective (Courage) having a conflict of conscience over.. an unspeakable crime.


Director – Mike J. Marin

Marin is an American Indian filmmaker (Navajo, Laguna Pueblo, Washoe) as well as an actor and hip-hop artist living in Los Angeles, CA. His speciality is a genre he himself created called “Urban Native Horror” that takes traditional Native American stories about myths and monsters and brings them to life in the form of cinema. He is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a BA degree in Film and Video.

Interview with Director,  Mike J Marin

Also – Trailer for “THE PARTY’S DOWNSTAIRS!”

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