Some people have skills while others have talents, while fewer still have freak hidden talents that would wow anyone: professional organizing is mine. Growing up, I was a perfectionist; not only did I need a system and a place for everything, but my spaces needed to have an aesthetic theme that all tied and flowed together.

As I learned to harness and control my gift, I became insanely good at turning even the most cluttered, unapproachable and stress-inducing junk rooms into beautiful, open and organized spaces in a quarter of the time it would take an average person.

In time, I realized that this wasn’t just a skill I could use, there was money in it. Without a doubt, I’ve more than earned the title of a “professional organizer.”


My process over the years has developed into this:

  • STEP 1 – Assessment. I will assess the junk space, see how much is trash, salvageable or of value. Then I’ll see what kind of organizing apparatuses, containers and structures we have to work with and then assess how much stuff we’re actually dealing with. This is also when I will give you an offical estimate for how long the job will take. (Notice: If I feel the space may be too dangerous or risky to my health, I may turn down the job until I feel the space is one that I could safely work in.)
  • STEP 2 – Basic floor plan. We will then draft some ideas for a basic floor plan that we want to see based on what kind of functions you want to have in the room. For example: Do you want a corner you can read in? Do you want a library of books that easily accessible? How much do you want on the walls, on the floor or in the way of walkways and windows, etc? (Note: Very rarely will we know what a space’s full array of functions and accessibilities will be until I’ve categorized the majority of items in the room.)
  • STEP 3 – Sorting. This is where I shine. I will then go through all the items in your space (which I can do very quickly on my own) and categorize everything. Everything has a category all those categories are interrelated by use, priority and size.
  • STEP 4 – Basic cleaning. Once everything has been categorized, I will now be able to move major structures around into our basic floor plan and clean structures, floors and furniture to ready them for the final step! (Note: Most of the time, spaces will be so full that I will be unable to clear the items completely from the space while doing this but I’ve become very good at doing Step 3-5 all at the same time!)
  • STEP 5 – Create organization systems. This is the fun part! As the final step, I will take all your items as I have categorized them and use all your structures to find accessible, clever, out-the-way, easily found or well-stored places for all of them in the space. This is when you will see your space come to life (and my eye for aesthetics, balance and interior design!)

Organizing is really that simple. Once I know what all you want to keep, how it should be categorized, what structures you have and how I can cleverly consolidate space, create accessibility and establish flow in your area–I can tackle almost any disaster area and transform it into space that is unrecognizable.


The jobs I take in this work have so many factors and can differ drastically from one job to the next. I’ve done everything from post-apocalyptic garages, to huge office spaces with multiple work spaces, backyard sheds, closets and even front yard gardens. Sometimes, a large space is a much easier job than a small space, other times a garage is easier to organize than an office, or visa versa.

For this reason, the cost of my services can vary a lot depending on the job we’re talking about. But generally speaking there are two options, pay by the hour or pay by the job depending on whether the job is large and imposing or detailed oriented. Roughly speaking, most jobs average to about $30 by the hour or $100 to $500 after completion.


If interested, I’d be more than happy to discuss the job and evaluate pictures for free. Just contact me using the form below and I’ll follow up with an initial response and a request for pictures (videos are best!) Depending on the complexity, I may ask to access the job in person for little to no cost as well. i look forward to working with you! References available.

What kind of space(s) do you have that need organizing?