Actor. Activist. Adventurer. Soon people everywhere will know the name Courage as well as they will know the person that embodies the spirit of that name.

courage the actor

Like many who came before me, and to be sure, like many who’ll come after me, I’m currently an actor making a name for himself in Hollywood. And as many have told me, my name says a lot about me. Or more specifically, the person I’ve become. Both as an artist and a human being capable of great things.

For the first 25 years of my life, I lived in the same little farmhouse in Nebraska with the most loving father and supportive mother a boy could ever have. As a young Chicano/Native American, I had a small and simple beginning, but my love for life, adventure and humanity quickly grew to be much larger than what anyone saw coming. So at the age of 26, I moved to the city of Los Angeles.

I’ve always possessed a love to perform and express myself even before I realized it was there. But proudly, I can look back and see that not a moment was wasted in taking advantage of all the merits that came with ambition and fearlessness.

I was that kid who was in every talent contest, the one who was in every play and did much more than what was expected of him. In time, I became the teen who was a member of every club, an advocate in every organization and had an outspokeness about every issue in society…

But then, as many people experience at one time or another in their lives, this part of myself was soon eclipsed by the longest stretch of suffering and hardship I’d probably ever live through: living my entire childhood in extreme social isolation a victim of intense psychological abuse from bullies, child abuse from school teachers, illnesses that forced me to watch the slow and morbid loss of those I loved most, raising a child to adulthood in my teens, the cruel hand of a corrupt establishment and a traumatic experience with reality TV…

But after persevering through the worst from that secret side of my life, I realized that it had forged me into someone with a much different sense of identity, will-to-live and conviction. So-much-so that I would never recognize myself again. I was someone else entirely… and suddenly I realized why my name was Courage.

Today, I stand out even amongst actors because there’s something very different about me. I just know that I’m no mere actor. I’m much more than that.

I’m a lover of life and eternally a child who will always see the world for the playground it is. I’m free now. And I’m now living life on the edge. Challenging myself to push myself a little further each day. You only live once and you’re only young for so long. So I’m taking advantage of that now. By exploring the ends of the earth and testing the limits of my mortality.

But secondly, I’m also someone with a vision and message for generations inheriting the future. Standing for the belief that humanity is capable of overcoming any obstacle we will ever face; and that we could usher in a new era of civilization by embracing our diversity. For it is not a threat. It is the most exciting, enriching and nourishing thing about us. It’s our greatest strength. Our biggest asset. Our most definitive human quality. And that we must embrace it. Appreciate it. To make the next step. Only then could others then see the world in it’s beauty like I believe I do. In the way I want them to.

I am an actor not just because I want to be in full relationship with my world. As you’ll see in all my passions. (Like the human-animal bond and the interactive arts amongst others.)

I’m an actor because I believe that there is something so meaningful in the human experience, in being apart of what some call the great human ultimacy.

I don’t just believe that I’m alive to do great work. I believe I’m here to do some good. To use my inborn love for life, my gift and talent to express myself and my newfound… Courage to change the world for the better in bigger ways. Much bigger. And to get every second of real living out of every breath I have left.

In the end, I just want to live up to my name. And that’s all I could ever ask of myself. And if you’re still reading this, that means you support my journey and I thank you from the bottom of this beating heart. I want you to push me. I want to see how much of a difference a single person can make. First as an actor. Then once people know who I am, as a mover of ideas that will forever reverberate like echoes throughout history and time long after I’m gone.

I’m an actor.. an activist… and adventurer because I love being human.

– Courage


“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are [remarkable] men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” – T.E. Lawrence


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